The benefits of taking a taxi instead of driving yourself

Sometimes we choose to drive ourselves around the city instead of getting a taxi. That’s why many of us are investing in their own vehicles. Whether for budget reasons, for better comfort, or just liking being in control of the vehicle we travel in.

On the other hand, taxi services are abundant. And companies are becoming more connected and comfortable than ever. Vehicles too are also becoming more secure and easy to drive. So in general, the taxi ride experience gets only better.

But what’s better, booking a cab or driving yourself ? And what advantages do taxi rides have over personal rides ?

Advantages of taking a cab instead of driving


Delegating a task is always a good idea to make time for other priorities. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to have an urgent call or search something on the internet. Doing so while driving yourself is an extremely dangerous choice and also an out of law practice. So if you feel this might be the case , and that you have to do something in parallel, taxis are the best choice you can have.


Riding with your personal car comes with the burden of having to manage by yourself all the parking and navigation challenges. It’s indeed time and energy consuming to do this, especially if you are in a hurry. And again, on this point taxis are a better choice.

Cost effective

Speaking of parking and navigation, let’s take airports as an example. Suppose you need a transfer to an airport and that the person driving is a relative. You will naturally think that going with a personal transfer choice is the right one. But don’t forget, airports have special parking rates, in most of the world’s capitals. That’s why taxi airport transfers are what people go for most of the time.

Stress reduction

No one likes to start and end his day in stress, whatever task we have. And going back to task delegation, when you choose a professional taxi service and having a driver doing all the navigation, luggage, and parking, and making sure that most if not all the other details are okay, you find yourself less stressed on what needs to be done and when. 

Local knowledge

Finding the best road to take is something that needs day to day travel experiments. No one wants to take a longer road while a shortcut to his destination does exist. Or having to face a lot of traffic and be stuck when there is another alternative. 

Local knowledge doesn’t mean knowing a lot about shortcuts only, but also the right places to go to, where you can find the best or cheapest service that you might be interested in that particular day. What are the best places to visit if you are a tourist and you don’t have a tourism agency plan already made. 

So in general, the ins and outs of a foreign place can only be done by people who actually live and work there, not taking into consideration that taxis travel all day within the city and know more than the regular citizen.

Time savings

As mentioned earlier, time saving is a very important element. Whether you feel you have something before your travel and it can be done if laying back comfortably in a taxi or taking the best lane to your destination, it’s not a negligible element in the traveling process.

No maintenance issues

Personal transportation’s biggest drawback is unexpected maintenance issues, that not only cost time and a fortune, but might cost you important meetings and opportunities.


As we have seen, choosing a taxi over a personal ride has many benefits. If you feel it’s the case and you need a lift somewhere in Belgium, contact us directly or book a taxi yourself in our taxi booking tunnel. You will find all the necessary steps and information within.