Terms & Conditions

1.1. This General Terms and Conditions define the guidelines and guidelines (hereinafter known as the General Conditions of Utilization>>, or General Terms>>) for the use of CITY Airport Taxi’s website and Online Booking Services via the Platform.

1.2. By using this website, we presume you are agreeing to these conditions and conditions in total. Do not continue using the website of CITY AIRPORT TAXI if you do not agree to all of the conditions and conditions set out in this webpage. The Agreement (hereinafter called as”the “Agreement”) shall come into effect and become legally binding for the Company and the Internet User (hereinafter called as”the “Parties”) at the time when the User’s first begins using the transportation service (hereinafter “Services”).

1.3.The following terminology is applicable to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice and Disclaimer Note and any and all of the Agreements: “Client”, “Customer”, “User”, “They”, “You” and “Your” refers to you and the person who accesses this website and agreeing to the conditions and conditions. “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our” and “Us” is a reference to the Company. “Party”, “Parties” as well as “Us”, refers to both the Customer and us either either us or the client. CITY Airport Taxi runs and manages the booking platform online under the trade”CITY AIRPORT TAXI “CITY AIRPORT TAXI” (hereafter called as”the “Platform” ), through which Users can make a reservation of a Transfer service as described in this document (hereinafter “Transfer Services”) that are operated by the drivers of Private and public use vehicles who have an account in the Platform (hereinafter the “Supplier”, “Provider”, “Carriers” and “Driver”) through which they are provided with by Us serving as an intermediary between You and the Provider, the notifications, and solicitations for the supply of Transport Services to You. Any usage of the above terms or any other terms in the singular or plural, as well as capitalization and/or he/she/they, are understood as interchangeable and thus as being referring to one.

1.4. These General Terms of Use of the Platform the Website and the Service (hereinafter “Terms of Use” also known as “General Terms of Use” ) are legally legal and legally binding conditions and conditions that apply to Your access to and the use of the Platform and the Service as well as any usage of software products, services, features functions and content website(s) and hyperlinks and/or any other applications made available from moment to moment by the Company in the Platform or in and/or through the Service.

1.5. Prior to any utilization of this Platform and using the Services, You are encouraged to go through the Conditions of Use. The user will be considered to have accepted the conditions of the Agreement without any reservation or exceptions not stated in this agreement. In case the User does not agree with any clause of this Agreement or any other provision, the user shall not make use of the Service. In the event that You have any concerns or require any clarification or information about the Conditions of Use and if You have any doubt or pertinent question, You are advised to reach out to Our Help Center via email to info@CITYAIRPORT TAXI .be prior to any utilization of the CITY Taxi Booking Platform at AIRPORT. By accessing the Platform you acknowledge and confirm that You have read, comprehended, and accept these General Conditions of Use completely and without any prejudgment and you agree that You are legally bound by the terms.

1.6. 1. Company is entitled to modify the terms of use, remove, amend and renew at any moment with without prior notice the terms of Use in entirety or in the parts (b) its Policies; (c) the Service; (d) the Technical Specifications of the Platform or any other (hereinafter called as”Changes “Changes” ) at its sole discretion and/or when any modification, as above, is required by law, and possibly without Your prior notification or consent, but within the scope of the ethical business practices and limitations set forth by the law. The Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice to the User, to cancel, suspend or at any moment, without providing any justification and without prior notice to the User to suspend, cancel or cease functioning of the Service and to revoke or modify the Platform or the specific aspects of it, or to modify certain aspects of Platform and any of its features, or the Service. Users are solely and entirely accountable and responsible with regards to their usage of this Platform and the Service.

1.7. A new version of this Term of Use shall come into effect when posted on the Site city-airport-taxis.be. By using the service, the user acknowledges that he has accepted the terms of the new General Conditions and Conditions. The Company advises Internet Users to review the Conditions of Utilization frequently in order to make sure that the user is aware of the conditions and conditions that are applicable when they use the Service. If the user does not accept the updated Agreement The User may not access the Service. Any changes take an take effect from their date of their announcement. It is made clear that any modification to these Conditions of Utilization does not affect reservations or any other transactions and usage of our Platform and Services which have been conducted prior to the date of entry into force of the amendments and were approved by the Company.

1.8. But, in case the Users require any clarification or additional information about the Changes or in the event they have any reservations, dispute or query regarding the Changes before any actions taken by they on the Platform They should make contact with CITY AIRPORT Taxi Help Center. It must be taken into consideration it is important to note that any advice or information given by the Taxi Help Center on terms of Utilization does not represent a replacement, substitute or any alteration of these terms of use, as they are provided only for the purposes of aiding the Users, and the Terms of Use are our the sole and sole agreement. Any actions, use, or transaction performed by Users Users using the Platform and/or using of the Service itself after the changes, is considered as an complete acceptance of these Terms.

1.9. By signing these Conditions of Use in conformity with the preceding sentence terms, the Users (as as well as any third person that they authorize to act in their place (the “Authorized Users”) explicitly and absolutely declare the fact that they have the legal age which permits them to be legally bound by the General Terms and Conditions, and have obtained all the required approvals and authorizations for your participation in the Platform and using of these Services.

1.10. This version of these Terms of Use will come into effect on February 02, 2021 and is valid until the next version is adopted.

2. Transfer Rides Hourly Chauffeur Service description of the City Airport Taxi service.

2.1. Description of Transport Services (hereinafter “Transport Services” or “TS”) that can be reserved by the Internet User on our website city-airport-taxis.be through the booking Platform.

The customer can select between private transfers and an hourly chauffeur service:
– Transport of the traveler from the point A up to Point B;
– Renting a vehicle with a chauffeur at an hourly fee.

2.2. CITY AIRPORT Taxi permits its customers to book transportation services through its online platform, via the connection with other platforms online, as well as via the application for phones. Our service is comprised solely by an arrangement of an entitlement to transportation for a user with a transport service company as an intermediary and not in any way the offering of the service itself. The company is not a authorized private transfer or transportation service provider, and CITY AIRPORT Taxi does not offer transfers and hours-long chauffeur service by us. We connect users with local transportation companies and Drivers via our Platform. The customer creates a directly and legally binding contract with the driver who receives your transfer booking when you make a reservation on our Platform. We only act as an intermediary between You and the driver. The company provides information and a way to help facilitate Transport Services but does not intend to offer TS or perform in any in any way as a transport carrier, thus has no liability or responsibility for any TS that is provided for You by drivers. So, CITY AIRPORT Taxi makes the necessary arrangements with the Carriers in its own name, which provides the User with an right to travel on top of the TS. As a result, Users are allowed to seek the services of travel and other services direct from carriers. Carriers.

3. Traveller Cancellation Request Policy

You are permitted to end your scheduled transfer at any moment.

City Taxi has a flexible cancellation policy for cancellations of bookings which are done at least 24 hours prior to the time of pickup. To cancel a trip you need to login into your city-airport-taxis.be private account and cancel upcoming booking manually. In this instance, your rights are as the following:

  • You can reserve a complete amount of cash for your future transfer in those cities where CITY Airport Taxi is operating by selecting the option to purchase vouchers. In this kind of a scenario, you’ll be given a voucher number that is equal to the amount. You can either utilize it later on or gift it to your fellow travelers. However, the gift card can be utilized for only for twelve months from the date of your cancellation. Be aware that if the price of your new reservation is less than your coupon We don’t provide a reimbursement for that difference. But if the price of this new trip is greater than the value of your coupons, a traveller needs to make the payment. The coupon can be utilized only one time.
  • If you have decided to decide to cancel your journey 24 hours in advance of your scheduled pickup time, you can receive a partially refunded. In the event of cancellation you will be charged is a cancellation cost of 20 percent of the amount that you have paid which will be kept by City Airport Taxi.. The remaining of the 80% is returned to you.
  • Cancellation of the upcoming reservation or any modifications that are requested within the last 24 hours preceding the time of pick-up is not refundable and not relevant.

3.1 Cancellation

3.a In case of booking cancellation in the 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time, and when a driver has been appointed to carry out the transfer the transfer, we do not refund the advance payment. In the event of the non-payment of an advance deposit, we’ll provide you a pay-pal link in order to pay the balance.

3.b 3.b. We shall not be responsible for cancellation of a flight, rescheduling or missing a connection flights, or delay of the passenger’s flight and other situations not due to our actions or actions and we will not be in a position to guarantee the time of waiting for any passenger at the location of their meeting over the duration of the time of waiting for free.

3.2 Traveller Change Request Policy

Contact CITY Airport Taxi by either email or via the live chat if you require to alter your reservation details. The free changes are available up to 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time. In case the customer needs a small change in the reservation in the 24 hours before the time of the scheduled pickup the client must call the driver assigned to them directly and confirm if they can accommodate it. But, the cost of your Airport transfer may vary based of the length. Thus the cost of your transfer will be determined. If the new cost of the airport transfer is lower, the CITY AIRPORT Taxi will not be capable of reimburse you. But if your new cost of the transfer is greater, you need to make an additional payment.

CITY AIRPORT Taxi isn’t able to make any modifications to your transfer information within no less than 24-hours prior to the scheduled time of pickup. In the event of such a situation, you can either use the services of our transfer as the original booking or proceed with your cancelation demand with there being no reimbursement.


Here’s a listing of the user’s warranties:

  • The respect with this arrangement is legally valid;
  • The user affirms that he/she has was attentive to this document and fully understood it;
  • The user is in compliance with the terms of this agreement.
  • When signing this Agreement The Customer has not relied upon any representation or warranty, claim or undertaking of any nature other than as explicitly stated in the present Agreement;
  • Users has the ability to comply with this agreement.
  • Information supplied by a customer is authentic and is valid. A user accepts that when a company signs the arrangement with it, it relies on the assertions and guarantees set out in the following clause.

5. Copyright

5.1 Keep in mind that CITY Airport TAXI is the legal owner of every Intellectual property rights in the platform. CITY AIRPORT TXI also ensures that users have for access to its service and allows them to access the Service in accordance with the present Conditions of Utilization (“License”). The restrictions of the license are described as the Acceptable Use OF the PLATFORM POLICY of the platform.

5.2 CITY AIRPORT TAXI remains the owner of all rights or interests and titles related to our website, services, and features (we mean the software, philosophy, programming models materials, algorithms modifications, enhancements in notifications, derivative functions, etc.)

5.3 All content of this website, including images, logos, texts images, icons etc. is the sole property of the company and is and is protected by the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, European Law and International Conventions.

5.4 The logos as well as the names, illustrations and images, as well as content and other distinctive elements that signify CITY AIRPORT Taxi, which includes its brand name “CITY AIRPORT TAXI and the services or products that are offered under this brand name or any of its variants are trademarks of the company. The trademarks are covered by European and internationally recognized trademark laws and intellectual property laws. Nobody but CITY Airport TAXI has the rights to use them.

5.5 User have the permission to use the platform but the users are not permitted to access the content and the Code of the platform in its whole or in parts except if you have the permission from ATB TRANSFER. This license does not permit you to resell the content of the platform, or use our catalogues, commercial policies and our products, for example. You are permitted to use them for your private usage.

5.6. You are not permitted to make use of the “post-tags” and “hidden text” which are based on the CITY AIRPORT TAXI trademarks and brands without permission. In the case of an misuse or misuse, the License granted will cease in effect and cease to be valid. Keep in mind that any recording, copying, and mechanical reproduction distribution, transmission processing, downloading, or selling, of Platform Content for any purpose other than Platform Content for any purpose other than private use is not permitted and is strictly prohibited. You have to have our written consent to do this.

6. No Relationship

This Agreement does not actually create any type of relationship of partnership or joint venture, but rather an advisor and/or trustee relationships between the CITY AIRPORT TAXI and the user.

7. The Governing Law – Jurisdiction

10.1. Disputes between two parties concerning the CITY Airport Taxi booking platform, the existence or absence of rights and any obligation must be defined in conformity with the law of the Republic of Cyprus. In any situation, it’s subject to the sole legal jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction of Nicosia. of Nicosia and within the supervision of which all parties are willingly accepted.

8. Validity of Terms

The Agreement may not be transferred by You without an prior, written consent of the
It is possible for the company to be assigned without Your consent but may be transferred without Your permission by Your Company (i) a parent or
affiliate, (ii) a purchaser of assets as well as (iii) a successor to a merger. Any attempt to create a
Assignment of an Agreement, in violation of this article is null and void.

9. Assignment

The Agreement doesn’t actually create any type of relationship of partnership or joint venture, but rather an advisor and/or trustee relationships between CITY AIRPORT TXI and the user.

10. External Links

CITY AIRPORT TAXI Booking platform may contain links to other websites where the content is different from the information published by CITY AIRPORT TAXI’s official website. CITY AIRPORT TAXIofficial site. Keep in mind that CITYAIRPORT TAXIis not accountable for the content or practices for data protection used by third-party websites through their web pages. We recommend that you know more about the guidelines of visiting third-party websites prior to engaging in them. CITY AIRPORT Taxi doesn’t verify the accessibility and content, privacy policies and quality and the completeness of different websites.

11. Languages

This Agreement is in writing in English. If you find a contradiction among your translation into your native language and English keep in mind to remember that it is the English version must prevail.

12. The Acceptable Use of the Policy of Platform

15.1. All members of CITY AIRPORT TAXIbooking CITY AIRPORT Taxibooking platform are obliged to make use of it in compliance with these General Terms and all applicable laws and rules. The users must also be guided by the principles of ethical business and morality.

  • The platform can be utilized only for commercial reasons.
  • Any attempt to gain access to information (personal information) that is sent through this site, for which they have no authority to access.
  • Any use of the CITY AIRPORT TAXI Booking platform to create a product that provides the similar features as CITY AIRPORT TAXI.
  • Utilization of the CITY Airport TAXI booking system for offering services to third parties , other than those allowed under the General Conditions.
  • Use for commercial purposes of the Access License (the lease, sale, disposition transfer, assignment concession, presentation, or transmission).
  • Enabling third parties to access the CITY Airport TAXI platform for not legitimate motives.
  • Any transfer of virus and the transfer of illicit, offensive, and threatening documents.
  • Defamatory, offensive, or abusive or defamatory posting of message (or any other illegal content).
  • Any act which is injurious towards the rights of CITY Airport TAXI, its Affiliates and/or Associated Companies and other Users of the Platform, or which may hinder any third user from accessing the Service in a way that is detrimental to the interests of CITY AIRPORT TA.
  • Selling, transferring, and processing data to third entities for any motive.
  • publishing inappropriate unlawful, harmful pornographic, obscene or harmful material or which could be considered to be a breach of privacy rights of someone else or which is private, displays the compassion of others, may cause discomfort, discomfort or excessive pressure to other parties or expresses religious, racial and national and other differences.
  • Publishing content that promotes alcohol, drugs cigarettes, cigarettes, betting, gambling, etc.
  • Software piracy, hacking, or hacking
  • The usage of the platform which results in the Service to cease functioning;
  • Information that may include viruses or other harmful alternatives that may result in the CITY Airport TAXI platform to fail;
  • Subcontracting, licensing or selling the platform to third-party buyers for any motive (the person using the platform must have authorization to do the above);
  • Distribution, decompilation, duplicates or the falsification of Software;
  • Connecting the Platform with any product or service of users without the written consent of Users without the explicit and written permission of the Corporation;
  • Any activities that may affect the rights to intellectual property of users;
  • The utilization of any methods that do not permit the platform to operate without a hitch;
  • Reproduction, copies downloading, transfer, and the creation of derivative works of the Platform;
  • If a customer has doubts about an incident or the violation of the Acceptable Use of Platform Policy and would like to make a complaint to the City Airport Taxi the user may reach us at our help desk.