Taxis To Maastricht

If you are lloking for fast and reliable taxi transfers to or from Maastricht, CityAirportTaxis Belgium's team is ready to help you out ! We offer standard and also premium taxi or shuttle services to match your needs and give you exactly what you would expect




Taxis To Maastricht


Choose between our « Standard VS Luxury » vehicules

We welcome all demands from our clients, and we know the importance of having many vehicules to choose from. So wether you need a standard taxi to travel or a completely dedicated luxury one with custom amenities, we've got you covered.

Finalize your booking details

First, you will need to set your actual position so that the chauffeur knows exactly from where he should expect to pick you up. Then set your destination you would like to go to, we added some predefined ones in case you need some help, else you can set up your own exact destination you wish to go to. You also need to set your transfer details or special demands you would like us to know about prior to your trip, such as having kids on board or maybe pets. Finally validate your booking with your personal and card payment.

Confirm the booking to Maastricht you will receive on your e-mail

Once you confirm your booking, you will receive a call from the chauffeur to come and pick you up. If you need any help with your luggage or have any demands, do not hesitate at all. We strive to make better experience for our clients.
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