Mistakes to Avoid When Taking an Airport Taxi Off-Peak

Traveling is an exciting experience for all of us. However, it requires some planifications for it to be comfortable. One of the important parts of the travel plan is booking a reliable airport taxi service, but unfortunately, some travelers often make mistakes while booking which can result in stress.

Read on to learn more about common mistakes to avoid when booking an airport taxi so that the next experience of yours with this form of public transportation goes smoothly!

Booking last minute or not booking in advance

One of the significant mistakes that you can make is not pre-booking your airport taxi. Many people assume that they will find a taxi as soon as they arrive in the airport but in’t not always the case. 

Another category of people make their pre-booking but at the last minute, however it’s not the best idea. If you plan on booking a cab for an event like airport transfer it is in your best interest to book the taxi well in advance, so that you ensure that you have enough time to make any adjustments if needed and also prevent other people from taking the booking away from you.

Not checking the pricing and the payment methods in advance

Another mistake that many people make when booking is not asking about payment options.

Check if the taxi accepts cash or credit/debit card or digital payment methods. ensure you have the rite payment option to avoid inconvenience.

If you’re not sure what the rate is going to be, don’t just assume a price and go ahead. It’s essential to Confirm the fare or ask the driver to use the meter. If it’s a fixed-rate service call up your chosen taxi service and ask for the agreed-upon price before starting the journey.

Not checking the taxi company license

You shouldn’t trust a taxi service just because its website looks very professional, because you may live a nightmare traveling with a company that doesn’t take control of the necessary travel permits.

That’s why you should check the company credentials, including the company name, license number, phone number and email address. Always check this information so you know who you’re dealing with.

Ignoring Reviews and Ratings

It is important to check the reviews and ratings of other people about the airport taxi service you’re choosing. Knowing the perspective of past customers can help you get a better idea of how the booking will turn out and can help you identify reliable and reputable service providers.

Not Checking for Additional Fees

Airport taxis may have additional charges that you should ask about such as airport surcharges, tolls, or luggage fees. Knowing these in advance helps you budget appropriately. 

In order to avoid being surprised by unexpected costs, you should make it a habit to inquire about all of the possibilities. If you do so, you’ll have a better chance of budgeting your money wisely and avoiding any unpleasant surprises when you arrive at your destination.

Not selecting the right car

Making sure that you’re choosing the right car for your journey is important. Airport taxis  provide a large selection of taxi cars. You can choose between cars or vans in economy, standard or first class, depending on your needs.

Ensure the type of airport taxi you want before booking so there are no surprises when the car arrives to pick you up.

Providing an incorrect pick up location

Providing an inaccurate location is the mistake that you should totally avoid, it can lead to various issues .The taxi driver may go to the wrong place initially, causing delays in reaching you and you may miss your flight. Additionally, extra miles equals extra charges that you should pay. Therefore, always get in touch with the taxi driver and inform him of your whereabouts.


Taxi transfers don’t have to be a hassle, just avoid the mistakes above, and you will make your next airport taxi experience more efficient and enjoyable.