Is it cheaper to book a taxi in advance ?

Transportation can be hard at times and extremely comfortable at times, depending on the transportation vehicle and its standards. But how about booking a taxi for example, and doing so in advance. Can It be the ultimate solution for having a reliable and cheap transportation solution, especially in Brussels or Belgium in general? And is booking a taxi in advance cheaper than usual direct booking ?

Is booking a taxi in advance cheaper 

Prices differ from one company to another, and to determine truly and effectively if booking a taxi in advance is cheaper, we will need to check the prices of all companies in Belgium and see if the rates for booking directly are higher than booking in advance or not. In general booking in advance your taxi is in fact cheaper. 

Companies usually charge for pickup fees and the reason is having to satisfy a non-planned demand costs more money and time. Planned trips are typically more cost effective for companies in terms of resources, being it human resources (drivers) and other non-human resources costs, and this means better pricing for customers. In fact, less resources means less money to spend, and so budget-oriented companies tend to either add the cost of the pickup to their trips as already mentioned or not doing so as a long-term marketing tactic.

Besides saving directly on the pricing of his trip, saving can also be indirect. When you booking in advance, the typical pitfalls that consume our energy and time are avoided, and saving on money becomes indirect. Imagine having to go to your hotel at night and finding it impossible to find a cab to take you there in the time you need it most. In this case, the loss of time resulted directly in the loss of your pre-paid night at the hotel: a loss of money.

Moreover, pay for your trip in advance and you will avoid being hit by unexpected prices when in need. You can’t guarantee the companies prices or driving services options on the day of need, but in case of pre-booking, you rest assured that the terms agreed upon and communicated by the company will not change. And so, if you pre-book a taxi to Brussels airport for a certain price and an exact list of options, you will have nothing less than described.

How to book in advance

The most common way for booking a taxi in advance is using the internet. Companies, CityAirportTaxis included, have properly made websites that allow customers to get information about what to expect for their trip (cost, options, vehicles used, … ) and if interested, they can add their information and pre-book a taxi transfer in advance.

If you are interested in knowing how to book or you would like to book a taxi in advance right now using our CityAirportTaxis booking service, follow the following steps :

The are the simple steps to follow in order to book a transfer with us immediately : 

  1. First go to the link by clicking on it, or by going to the link “taxi-booking” on the navigation bar of this website
  2. Check our different options and quotations for the service
  3. Enter the personal informations necessary for validating pre-booking
  4. Confirm the payment using your credit card

When you confirm the payment, an email is sent automatically to the inbox of the email specified when entering your information. On it, you will find all the details related to your pre-book and trip. You might additionally receive a call from the trip management service if judged necessary.

What if something goes wrong

Problems such as not being able to spot your driver in crowded places such as the airport, a driver not being able to speak your language and communicate properly, not being able to pay in the accepted mode or simply forgetting to mention that you will have an animal on board are all parts of the trade.

Prevention is the mother of all cures, that’s why we advise our customers not to hesitate contacting the booking management team while booking in advance so that they assist you on any detail that you might forget. Plus the CityAirportTaxis pre-booking system is designed to assist you passively on the latter details.


Booking a taxi in advance is indeed a better option, as it will allow you to save up on your money and your timing. Most importantly avoid all common problems that clients usually face when booking directly. For more information on CityAirportTaxis Belgium, contact us today!