Is it better to go for a taxi or a shuttle service to airports ?

When looking for a means of transportation, going to or from the airport to some place is limited to a few options. Among these, taxis and shuttles are two of the most common solutions. Of course, whether you choose the first or the second option, both of them are for sure safe and reliable transportation solutions that have many commonalities. 

Similarities between taxis and shuttles

Taxis are very common, it’s the yellow cab vehicles that anyone used some day at some point to travel in the same city either for some shopping or to reach some point within the city as fast as possible. Shuttles on the other hand are less common, it’s the long & large vehicles that have a minimum of 8 seats and that can go up to 14 and more seats, depending on the vehicle.

The most common traits between them is that they are multi seated, safe and reliable for city trips and transfers. Differences on the other hand are not only related to the obvious details of the vehicle such as the size and the pricing.

Booking is also very similar and simple to do. Many companies have both shuttles and taxis pre-booking systems to help you travel fast and when you need. Check our booking page by clicking on the menu above.

The main advantages of a taxi service

Taxis are mainly approached by people who want to go to some precise address and as fast as possible. Once you take a cab, you will be taken from A to Z and you won’t have to worry about problems like multiple stops or whether you will arrive on time or not. It’s all under control.

Sometimes, we just want to get somewhere alone to avoid all the implications of having people riding with us on the same vehicle. Traveling on our terms might conflict with other passengers, especially if they have a different destination. You want to go to B, they want to go to C. If you don’t have time and want to catch a meeting fast, they are on vacation and are traveling with their pets. It can easily get complicated. And so with a taxi reservation, you are sure none of these problems will occur.

Also, when talking about taxis, we need to mention that drivers are in general more knowledgeable about the different ins and outs of the city. Which means, they not only take you to where you want, they can also help you find hidden gems or find your destination’s precise location in case you don’t know that much.

Moreover, your privacy is always better preserved if you are not getting on board with others. You might find yourself in some situation such as having to call someone while at the same time traveling, and that your conversation is not the public conversation kind. This, of course, can only be done when going alone.

Urgency is also an important factor when traveling. Taxis are known for being the ultimate solution for lifts in urgent moments. For your job, school, important shopping or to the airport, whatever the reason.

The advantages of a shuttle service

Shuttles are on the other side of the story. Instead of the urgency factor, shuttles are made for people that already have a plan for when and where to travel. Having to wait for the shuttle to fill and then go for the ride isn’t as hard as it might seem.

They are also good when it comes to the pricing. The cost is fixed and predetermined, and it is not related to how many minutes you travel. So in terms of budget, no worries at all. Book a shuttle online or directly by calling the transportation company’s operations service.

Maybe you want to travel with your whole family, and their numbers out pass the capacity of a normal cab. Shuttles come in help in these kinds of situations and allow you a one vehicle trip for the whole family or team. Talking about groups, socializing is one the most important advantages for people who might feel bored and in need of company, especially in long distance travels.

Another element to take into consideration in transfers are whether handicapped people or kids have specially dedicated seats for their protection. Most of the companies are inclusive when it comes to these sorts of matters.

In terms of sustainability and environment respect, shuttles are indeed better. Not only because the traveling distances and time during the day is way lower than taxis, but also because the number of people served is way higher. And this also means less fuel and pollution for more people.

Besides, shuttles do not take you to the exact destination spot. They generally drop you off near, and so you find yourself having to walk a few steps. This is in fact a good chance for you to exercise a little bit without having to put too much effort.

How to choose ?

Choosing your travel solution is all related to your actual situation. Take into consideration the following points and choose wisely :

If you have a clear answer for these questions, the choice is going to be easy for you, else take a little bit of time and define the right solution for your situation


Ordering a taxi airport transfer or a shuttle transfer can be a tough decision as Brussels is known for being one of the most crowded and costly cities in regards to transportation means.
Taking all the above into consideration, the choice should only be made based upon your needs and your conditions. Don’t forget, in case you want to book to or from Brussels, consider checking CityAirportTaxis booking offers.