How to save money on airport taxis fees

Being budget conscious for anything you do in life, is a necessity. And one the most demanding and consuming needs we all have on a daily basis, is transportation. If you landed here, you basically want to know how I can save on my taxi rides ? Let’s discover this together, but before doing that, let’s ask ourselves a small question : Is it easy, and is it possible to do this anyway ?

Yes, it’s easy and possible to save money on your transfers

Saving money on any item or service we have in our lives costs a lot of effort and energy. But once you know about the different ins and outs of that specific service, such as taxi booking, and with the right guidance and tips, It becomes easy to save on anything.

CityAirportTaxis Belgium tips to save on your taxi fees

Compare different providers and reserve in advance

Comparison is the mother of all analysis. Look at the different providers you can find on the internet and check both rates for taxis and options included. Sometimes, you might do more than a simple lift as you can have a lot of luggage, kids, pets. You might also have a long trip in front of you, so all the small details communicated by the transportation specialist should be analyzed.

Check for discounts

Companies are always looking for ways to increase their client numbers and sales figures in order to expand. Taxi transfer services are no exception, look and closely follow some of the providers. You might find some good discount opportunities.

Prioritize flat fee transportation services

A one-price service might be the solution for your problems, check for taxi companies on the internet that have the pro-booking option. It’s better to settle for a definite price before taking a ride to avoid any meter pricing bubble. 

Assist the driver on better routes to take

Drivers know a lot about different roads to take to reach a certain point. But it’s always a good idea to tell your driver the exact road you want to take. The reason is that it might be a road you took many times and you might have a better idea about how to get there. 

As we all know, a good road for us to make a saving on our trip is the one that is fastest to where we want to be. Yet other details come into picture also. What about traffic ? What about security ? So do communicate with your driver about your trip roads.

Avoid cabs with malfunctioning cab meters

Meters are used to calculate your trip pricing in relation to the distance taken. If anything seems to be wrong with a cab meter, you have to avoid making the trip, as you might fall into problems. Overpricing is not that far in such cases, as some scammy drivers use this tactic to trick passengers, especially if they look like foreigners.

Avoid unmarked cars

You might expect that this kind of advice is more suitable for security conscious people, but unmarked cars might create much more problems. Unmarked taxi services tend to be overpriced, especially when they notice people are in a hurry and in need. You might also fall into security problems, for example losing items or your whole luggage. So even in the case when the pricing might be better and you might save some euros, the risk of losing your thing is definitely not worth it.

Ride with other passengers when possible

Going with other people that share the same destination is also a commonly used tactic for diminishing your transportation budget. Look for people you might or even relatives that take the same trajectory you take, and share the trip cost. You might end up paying the third or even less. Also look for shuttle services, as these are known for having greater prices, in case you can plan your trip ahead and you don’t have a problem riding with many strangers.


Finally, we hope you found some interesting tips in our article. Don’t forget that booking a taxi to Brussels airport and to other specific places can be hard at times. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.