How to Choose the right Airport Taxi Service 

Finding a transportation service can be hard at times. Especially when the demand surpasses the offer and clients find themselves not being served, at the right moment at least. Brussels is very known for being one of the most crowded cities of Europe and for having one of the highest prices too.

Luckily, multiple companies are moving to the internet and are reaching for more clients demands. We, City-Airport-Taxis Belgium, are among them. Now the question that needs an answer is : How can I book an airport service that matches my instant need directly ?

There are certain criterias that should be checked when looking for an airport service : 

  1. Safety measures and precautions
  2. Good pricing
  3. Pre booking service
  4. Reliable client support service
  5. Options for special needs (kids, special needs services, … )
  6. Online secure and fast payment

Safety Measures And Precautions :

Normally these are related first to the people behind the service. Signs that reveal the service you are about to go vary. Of course, people might talk first about facts such as drivers being licensed and so fourth. 

But the thing is, there is no way you can check in advance if drivers are licensed when booking online and especially for the first time. Instead you should be checking for well known and positive signs.

Do they have an official website and social media accounts ? Do they have a Google Business Profile on Google search engine results with all the details registered like the exact address and the right phone number? The more signs like these you see, the more you can rest sure you are in good hands.

Then comes the other measures that are normally taken by the riders. The usual precautions that taxi services communicate to their client are : 

Good Pricing

Pricing is also an important criteria if your travels are done often. Normally and as previously said, Belgium is well known for being at the top of the charts when it comes to transportation services prices.

The minimum pricing practiced among taxi and shuttle services is 40 euros. Of course it depends on the traveling distances. But be aware that prices announced on websites and on social media are the main and general prices. They are subject to change in certain cases, so make sure you contact the company through their contact for or calling them before booking any destination.

Pre Booking Service

Finished are the days when everything from searching to booking had to be done manually and by making too much effort. Today, most of the taxis and shuttle services companies are present online. From searching to booking the vehicle, everything can be done in a push of a button.

And of course, we do have our own pre booking system too in case you want to travel somewhere. Whether you have a flight to catch in Zaventem airport or you need a lift to somewhere special, we’ve got you covered.

Reliable Client Support Service

Having someone on the phone to assist you is very important when traveling. You need to stay in contact with the driver and the team in order to set yourself and be on board. 

Meeting timing and special client demands are usually the hardest part of any travel, being it on air or with a taxi. Listening and caring for those demands is the foundational part of judging the quality of the service. Difficulties sometimes tend to happen, but it better be with people who listen carefully.

Options For Special Needs

As described earlier, you might find yourself looking for more than a transportation service destined normally to adults only. You can be on vacation with your family or take your favorite animal with you on a trip.

When talking about special needs, we also and especially talk about people with “special needs”. Inclusivity is important, that is why we also have an option with vehicles specially crafted for these needs.

That’s why we suggest you check in prior for the transportation service options before booking, you might find exactly what you want. Check our booking options and details in this booking page.

Online Secure And Fast Payment

Finally, having all of this done through your gadget, you should rest assured that no personal information is leaked or in danger. 

Nowadays, SSL certificates, the green text you see every time on the head of the website, are the main and most important tool needed for keeping away your personal and sensitive information, such as the banking account numbers, away from thieves.

City Airport Taxis Belgium handles the payments with your own payment provider and doesn’t have any access to this information in any matter.