Differences Between Traditional Taxis and Luxury


Airport services are important for people constantly moving around. Travelers, business man are counted as the biggest clients within this sector. But local residents might also from time to time use these services, for family unions usually. 

That being said, making the right choice of transportation is a must to have the smoothest experience possible. But in general, choices boil down to two categories: traditional and luxury transportation services. First, we will discover what is meant by traditional and luxury transportation. And then we will list the differences between the two services.

Traditional transportation

What is referred to as traditional transportation, is the usual taxi cab or shuttle service that offers the basics needed for your day to day transportation. Namely, a vehicle that you have to get yourself as pre-booking isn’t needed and with no additional services such as additional seats for animals, beverages, customized assistance on your travel, and such. 

The biggest advantage that this kind of service offers is low pricing. You won’t have to pay extra for those small details that the company takes care of when you book and go for premium transportation.

On the other hand, low pricing means that things like additional seats, extra services, easy booking, punctuality and even going for a premium car model, such a Mercedes Class is not possible.

Luxury transportation

For a taxi transfer company to be categorized as luxury, many elements need to come into picture, as described earlier. The service has to go beyond the usual services provided. Not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality.

The first element is providing a good vehicle brand with a nice model. Everybody has in mind at least an idea of what a luxury car looks like. In general, it’s a Mercedes, a BMW or similar cars with the same build and material quality.

Yet, luxury doesn’t stop on what car you are using to service your clients. Other elements such beverages, custom assistance for personal needs or luggage, pre-booking system and other extra services are all part of a service that can be referred to as luxurious. 

Main differences in detail 

Vehicule quality and comfort

Because luxury transfer services offer high quality and premium vehicles, you can rest assured that your travel is going to be extremely comfortable. Standard one on the other side, cover only the basic needs for your comfort. 

But depending on the company’s choice of vehicle that they classify as standard, sometimes you can have a very good service that won’t have a big difference from the luxury one, besides on the other details.

Driver professionalism

Whatever the company’s size, everyone is continuously aiming at preserving a good image in their market. So let’s be clear, everyone tries to be professional to the maximum. But the reality is that this trait takes both effort and budget in order to develop it. 

Taxi services chauffeurs and operations managers are mainly well-mannered and respectful towards their clients. But sometimes the amount of demands or simply the logistics might not be in favor of the companies.

That’s why luxury services offer services that are more professional than other ones. Plus standard vehicules, due to their pricing, are always in demand. And makes them the most probable candidate to have delays or other related challenges. 


Standard vehicles are more suitable for normal day to day needs or for people that are budget conscious. But sometimes we need more than a simple transportation. We might go for additional services or maybe we have special needs that need to be addressed, and so paying a little extra in order to get an upgraded service can be the right choice.


If you find it to be a must to have things such as a WIFI, a phone charger or simply a custom assistance on your luggage and travel, luxury cars are the way to go. Standard transfer services do not offer such facilities and additional services.

Reservation and pre-booking

Most of the taxi service companies have pre booking systems that allow you to discover the services and their pricing , and also to communicate your exact needs to the company in advance. This allows both parties to define their priorities and avoid any delay or mishandling that can arise in case of immediate reservation calls.

Appearances and design

If you have a special event that happens only once in a while, like a wedding, luxury vehicles are a better choice for your memory cards. Why not go for something special in special moments ? Business traveling or going for a taxi airport transportation service is also one of those needs that should be addressed sometimes in luxurious types of vehicles for a better image and branding effect. 


We believe making a choice should be based on your actual needs. You might for example go for a standard service only for its pricing or because it’s the usual way, but you’re missing a lot of services that you indeed have the need for through your trip, such as a WIFI. 

Vice versa, going for luxury might not be the perfect choice for you, especially if you are a regular customer, as this might hurt your budget.