8 things to check before booking an airport taxi

Taxis are a great way to get around quickly and efficiently to your destination, especially in crowded cities such as Brussels or London. On the other hand, booking a taxi in advance is way better as it gives you less to worry about and more time on your hands to prepare other things. 

Taxis are also, in terms of convenience and safety, a nice alternative to other common and shared ways of transportation. So taxis indeed have a lot of advantages in comparison to other means of transportation.

Why preparing yourself is important

Avoiding those last minute details that were missed and having to alter some things is very important, as it might be a painful and stressful process to go through. Thankfully, preparing yourself in advance can help reduce that pain.

Making a small checklist can serve as a plan for your travels. Once you find yourself in need, just check all things mentioned and see if something is missing. Usually, every element in that checklist will serve a purpose, and missing it is 100% a source of potential pitfalls afterwards.

Besides, planning your trips will help make you comfortable organizing and traveling, no matter what your destination might be. You simply have all the things usually needed, you know about your itinerary and you don’t have to worry about prices changing or your cab not arriving on time.

Things to check before your booking

Verify your flight timing

First of all, check your flight ticket for the exact dates and destination details. Mistakes might occur, and ignoring those wrong details can cost you a lot.

Wake up early

When the day comes, make sure you wake up early to help yourself re-checking everything. Not waking early decreases your focus and visibility on your travel. Waking up early also helps you be in a good mood.

Confirm the cab company profile (they will check everything for you)

Booking online is the easiest process there is to make your taxi reservation for your travel. You only need to enter your personal information, your destination and options you want and then you confirm your travel using your credit card details.But before, checking the website and the companies different social media accounts and gathering some simple intelligence info is a necessity. Once done, and you made your pre-booking, rest assured as it’s the company’s role to organize your trip for you with the help of their operations team and the available chauffeurs.

Confirm your reservation details and additional options needed such as pets or luggage

Pets or luggage are one of those pain-points that you might run into. So make sure you communicate your exact needs to the operations team so they can arrange the right vehicle for you. As not all vehicles have the same options and add-ons needed.

Other specific needs

You might have other special and very specific needs that are different from the usual. Maybe you would like a quiet transfer with no music aboard, or you might need a bottle of water as your trip might be a long one, and so on. So don’t forget to talk about those minor details also. 

Payment options

Look for the payment options that are accepted by the company of your choice. In general, it’s either credit cards or a personal credit that you acquire from the company’s website. We at CityAirportTaxis Belgium, accept credit cards for payments. We always like to be flexible in our services. If you would like to book an airport taxi in Belgium using a specific way of payment, contact us, we might figure out a solution for you.

Luggage is complete

Of course, you have to maintain your luggage and see if you have enough clothing, food and everything you will basically need.

Papers and insurance

This is especially related to your flight , insurance and personal papers you need to make a travel or a flight. Make sure everything is there and at reach so when needed you can get them instantly.


Finally, making sure you do not miss anything is always a better option. If you have in questions or inquiries, contact our operations team on this number +32 487 15 76 72 or reach to us by email info@city-airport-taxis.be