7 questions to ask before booking an airport transfer service

There are many airport transfer services in the wild, and every one of them sets certain criterias that fits best their strategy. Every provider has special pricing plans, a unique set of vehicles, and chauffeurs that differ in backgrounds and languages spoken. So you might have a hard time judging the best fit for your needs and circumstances.

Why asking is good

Asking a few questions before booking is in general a good solution to filter out the companies that don’t fit your needs and keep only a few appropriate options. Plus, the provider you might choose for the first time, will probably be your top choice for the times to come. 

So if it’s your first time, you better make a wise choice by getting information from the providers themselves and ruling out your decision based on your vision.

Things to ask before booking

The available types of vehicles

This question is definitely the most important one. When you need a lift somewhere, you need the precise way of transportation to get you there. Suppose you have a business meeting with a big company, of course your choice should be classy and elegant, and so you need to go for something similar to a Mercedes Class or even a limousine. 

Operations and customer support contact information

You might fall into trouble sometimes, this doesn’t mean it’s your fault or your company’s fault. There is a reason why even the biggest companies in the world that are known for delivering quality services or products such as Apple have a customer support service. It doesn’t mean their products are bad, but that when things go wrong they are here to help.

Billing time and accepted payment methods

The most common way of booking these days is through companies’ websites and platforms. In exchange for some information, you can immediately book a travel. Yet, not all of them go for the same billing and payment methods. Some companies’ first choice is online payment methods such as paypal and others don’t. We at CityAirportTaxis Belgium prefer online payment methods, but if our client circumstances do not allow it, we can discuss other payment methods.

Cancellation policy

You are all set and you have made a pre-booking for your next trip, but suddenly you have something more urgent instead. Depending on your company’s policy, refund in case of emergencies. The rule is generally that refunds are possible but only 24 hours before the picking time. Which is totally fair, as by that time the company has been engaged with your trip.

Is the transfer monitored

For security and efficiency reasons, it’s advised to ask this question as monitoring your trip is a good signal that the company has eyes on the chauffeurs and passengers and that they make sure everything is right all the way to the final destination.

Work hours

When you need a lift at times such as 12 am or similar, there is no reason for asking this question at all. But when it comes to pick ups at nights or very early in the morning in case of an airport travel for example, you will need more details about working hours. The chauffeur’s availability is often lower at such timings, so do not forget about this important detail.

What are your prices

Ask for the prices they propose and for what types of vehicles. You can even make a list of pricing tags for every company and see which one has the best deal.


To conclude, next time you will try booking a taxi to Brussels Airport or city, or to any destination you like, think about the appropriate elements above that you want to ask about and go for the best option for your next trips. Especially if it’s for the first time.